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JEC Designabuild Sdn Bhd, also locally known as JECdb is a construction company based in Sarawak, which began operations in 1997.

JECdb is own and operated by professional architect, and engineers.

Over the years, most of JECdb’s job has been secures from the competitive tendering process. Much of our business has been with repeat customers, indicating the faith placed in our experience, expertise and service during all phases of a project.

At JECdb, we pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company that anticipates client requirements. Our relationship with each of our clients is built on open communications, integrity and a continually striving to learn and innovate.

We work hard to be among the best to give our personal attention to every project the company undertakes, regardless of size or budget.

Our team-oriented construction experts all share one overriding objective: to exceed customer expectations. This commitment has earned us a hard-won reputation for reliability, efficiency and safety.

JECdb has constructed Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential projects across Sarawak. The values of these projects vary from hundreds of thousands of Ringgit to more than 4 million. JECdb has grown to one of Sarawak’s most respected class ‘C’ construction company’s, with an unsurpassed reputation for quality.