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Sarawak River located in tidal influenced zone with a tidal range of 5 m. Floatation pontoon is suitable for small vessel to come alongside Sarawak Marine Department Jetty at Tanah Puteh.  The Main Pontoon is  30.5m long x 4.5m wide connection with 2 nos of 10m long x 3m wide on ‘F’ arrangement using WeidaFloat 850 Floatation System with Belian Wood joist and deck.

The Pontoon is anchored by 7 number of  350mm dia Steel Pile drive to 12 m length into seabed and  9m above mean high water to ensure stability of flotation. The pontoon also fitted with “D” type 150mm dia Rubber Fender.  The Pontoon is connected with 9 meter long X 2.5 meter width steel frame gangway with Belian wood planking.


Sarawak  Marine Department

Award Date

9th Jan 2001

Completion Date

22nd Mar 2001

Project Value

RM 219,450.00